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Your Planence® Switch-Off Journal: Find Your Sanctuary from Digital Overload

Your Planence® Switch-Off Journal: Find Your Sanctuary from Digital Overload

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Find Serenity & Focus - Explore the Benefits of Disconnecting

Discover the potential benefits of disconnecting from the digital world and rediscover the simple joys of life. The Planence® Switch-Off Journal invites you to explore ways to quiet your mind, recharge your soul, and nurture a deeper connection with the present moment. Imagine finding peace away from the constant stream of notifications and tapping into your innate creativity.

With each page, explore the beauty of the offline world. Thoughtful prompts offer guidance for mindful activities, dedicated spaces provide solace for disconnecting and reflecting, and progress trackers help you celebrate your journey.

Discover inspiring ways to embrace mindful living and gain a deeper connection to the present moment. Quiet spaces within the journal provide a haven for reflection, helping you appreciate the world around you. Witness the potential restorative benefits of intentional offline time and cultivate a stronger sense of peace within.


  • Find Peace in Quiet Moments: Discover the potential for increased tranquility away from screens.
  • Rediscover Simple Joys: Explore how disconnecting might help you reconnect with nature, loved ones, and hobbies.
  • Nurture Creativity & Focus: Consider the possibility of enhanced creativity and focus when taking intentional breaks from technology.
  • Improve Mental Well-Being: Discover the potential for reduced stress, increased mindfulness, and a deeper sense of calm.

Order your Planence® Switch-Off Journal today. Begin exploring the beauty of a life with mindful moments away from the digital world.


  • 50+ Unplugging Prompts: Explore ways to tap into mindfulness, creativity, and the beauty of the present moment.
  • Digital Detox Spaces: Create moments of stillness and mindful presence.
  • 40+ Restorative Layouts: Embrace simplicity! Quiet your mind, foster creativity, and recharge your spirit.
  • Reconnection Celebrations: Honor your progress! Celebrate wins, witness your growth, and embrace the joy of disconnecting.
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